In today’s intricate landscape, we must foster innovation, motivate diverse perspectives, and guide transformative change beyond the established norms. PwC in its online article: Igniting a path for women to thrive in STEM careers, recognises their role in nurturing the growth and advancement of our continent, aligning with our global objectives to build societal trust and address pressing challenges.

TechnoGirl Robotics

TechnoGirl Robotics

Their overarching strategy, known as “The New Equation,” revolves around two interconnected imperatives: cultivating trust across a spectrum of stakeholder concerns and delivering sustained results in an environment characterised by unprecedented disruption risks. Thriving in this fragmented business world hinges on forging strategic partnerships. The alignment of purpose and values between PwC, us (TechnoGirl Trust) and UNICEF is evident, further underscoring our shared commitment to meaningful progress.

To prepare future generations adequately, we must focus on two pivotal fronts: first, establishing a strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. As technology continues to integrate into our daily lives, humans remain essential for its creation, programming, comprehension, and maintenance. STEM education empowers individuals with a competitive advantage in job searches and the potential for higher earning potential.

Second, addressing the gender gap in STEM disciplines is crucial. In South Africa, less than 13% of women pursue STEM studies, a trend mirrored globally, with women comprising less than 30% of STEM fields. Initiatives should aim to educate women about STEM careers and their global impact, providing exposure to successful female role models while creating accessible career pathways. Additionally, as automation and evolving technologies reshape industries, closing the skills gap becomes imperative. There is a growing mismatch between the skills available and those demanded by our economy, emphasizing the need for education and training in fields like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analysis, and design thinking.

Ultimately, equal opportunities for women in STEM careers are not only essential for reducing the gender pay gap but also for enhancing economic security, fostering a diverse and talented STEM workforce, and mitigating biases within these fields and their resulting products and services.

PwC, in partnership with UNICEF and Generation Unlimited, proudly contributes to growth initiatives like TechnoGirl, exemplifying our commitment to acting with integrity, making a difference, caring, collaborating, and reimagining possibilities. Together, we champion a future where innovation and inclusivity thrive hand in hand.

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