April 23, 2024

Moroesi Lephoi’s story encapsulates the transformative power of targeted educational initiatives like TechnoGirl, which aim to empower young women from disadvantaged backgrounds by introducing them to careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Moroesi, a tenacious and inspiring figure, recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand, demonstrating remarkable resilience and dedication.

Hailing from Reasoma Secondary School, Moroesi’s initial encounter with the TechnoGirl programme in 2013 opened doors to a life-changing job shadowing experience at the Road Accident Fund (RAF). During her time at RAF, she explored various departments, including Information Technology, Finance, and Human Resources. Although initially drawn to IT, Moroesi ultimately found her calling in engineering, a field she pursued with great passion and vigour.

Moroesi’s academic journey at Wits was initially supported by NSFAS before the Tomorrow Trust took over the funding for her final three years, culminating in her graduation in 2024. Her university tenure was marked not only by academic excellence, as evidenced by her receipt of the Top Student award in Mine Ventilation from both the Mine Ventilation Society of South Africa (MVSSA) and the Faculty of Engineering at Wits but also by her active participation in student leadership. Roles such as Class Representative, Tutor, and Gender & Transformation Officer for the School of Mining Student Council highlighted her commitment to making a difference within her faculty and beyond.

In 2023, Moroesi was honoured as a guest speaker at the International Women’s Day event hosted by TechnoGirl, underscoring her role as a role model and advocate for the programme that had given her so much. She reflects on her experience with TechnoGirl as not only a foundational career stepping stone but also a vital network and platform for recognition.

Currently, as Moroesi looks towards the future, she is exploring job opportunities both in South Africa and internationally, eager to apply her expertise and experience in real-world settings. Her journey from a curious student in the TechnoGirl programme to a confident, skilled professional ready to tackle the challenges of the mining industry is a vivid testament to the importance of programmes like TechnoGirl and the support of organisations like Tomorrow Trust.

Moroesi Lephoi’s story is a beacon for many young women striving to break barriers and redefine the landscapes of traditionally male-dominated fields. As she steps forward into her professional career, her journey continues to inspire and motivate a new generation of young women to pursue their dreams with relentless ambition and hope.