As I take a moment to reflect on my incredible traineeship experience in the Netherlands with Happy Horizon, I am overwhelmed with gratitude but first things first..

A heartfelt thank you to the Walter Van De Wege of Happy Horizon for not only embracing the TechnoGirl SA mission but for actively contributing to the realization of the full potential of disadvantaged women and girls in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
Our placement in a digital agency presented an exciting challenge: developing a web application designed to help developers and project managers estimate the hours required for tasks and issues. This innovative solution ensures everyone is on the same page regarding project scope, a tool that promises to benefit the entire Happy Horizon group in-house.
The intensity of our task was no small feat – building a minimum viable product from scratch in just 10 weeks(a very short time). We were uniquely positioned to tackle this challenge while learning at the same time – bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.
I’m thrilled to share that I’ve now gained valuable front-end developer skills, specifically in Next.js + Typescript, Tailwindcss and GitLab. These technologies have opened up new horizons for me, allowing me to contribute effectively to the development of our web application and beyond.
Happy Horizon not only equipped me with valuable skills but also immersed me in the full Dutch experience – though I might have a few no-no thoughts about cycling in the cold!
The workshops provided by Willem Peters and Willem Sonneveld were nothing short of exceptional – helping me validate my talents and my dragon
A special acknowledgment to Wendy Schilder for spearheading both our traineeship with Happy Horizon, and the traineeship with which hosted the other Techno Girls(Hlayisani Ngobeni and Tshepiso Motloung). Your investment in our talent and potential has not gone unnoticed, and we are sincerely grateful for the opportunities you continually provide
The mentorship, coaching, and unwavering support I received from gracious (part of Happy Horizon) especially Yuraymar S., Eileen de Groot and Sabah Ghanmi-Amlal and Zakaria Amlal ensured that I had everything I needed.
As I carry this wealth of knowledge and experience with me, I eagerly anticipate seeking opportunities both in South Africa and abroad. My commitment is not just to advance my career but also to pay it forward, contributing to the growth and development of others.
A heartfelt thank you to all the stakeholders involved in making this traineeship a transformative experience.
Here’s to the next chapter of growth, learning, and making a positive impact!