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About Us

TechnoGirl is an innovative programme for girls and young women who show an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Conceptualised in 2004 by founding partner Uweso Consulting in collaboration with UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education. The strategic imperative of the TechnoGirl Programme is to narrow the discrepancy in opportunities that still exist between men and women and impede social and economic transformation.


TechnoGirl enables girls to experience STEM careers and ultimately, make informed career choices.  To date, over 16 000 girls have gone through the structured programme and, on average, 75% of the beneficiaries advance to register STEM careers.

The programme is premised on the understanding that exposure to the public and private sector workplaces can significantly contribute towards motivating girls to take up STEM careers that are in demand and where women are under-represented.

We endeavour to share the transformation burden with corporates, by collaborating with them to produce girls who are better equipped for entry into STEM careers. This will lead to sustained employment opportunities and, in so doing, the cycle of poverty for girls participating in the programme can be broken.


TechnoGirl Trust

TechnoGirl is an initiative run by the TechnoGirl Trust, a registered non-profit organisation, in terms of the Nonprofit-Organisation Act 97, registration number 128-428 NPO.

Vision Statement

Realising the full potential of marginalised and disadvantaged women and girls to access opportunities in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics career fields.

Mission Statement

To invest in youth development through ongoing and holistic support by collaborating with partners to produce women and girls who are better equipped for entry into Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics career fields.